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We help government organizations, campaigns, and brands detect misinformation, mitigate toxic narratives, and safeguard reputations with our advanced online monitoring platform.

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Comprehensive Narrative Protection

We specialize in empowering governments, campaigns, and brands with the tools to detect and mitigate harmful digital content effectively.


Harness our sophisticated algorithms to identify misinformation and toxic narratives across social media, news outlets, and the dark web before they escalate.


Utilize our platform to quickly neutralize harmful narratives and prevent the spread of misinformation.


Protect your organization's reputation and narrative with our robust monitoring capabilities that ensure the integrity of information associated with your brand and cause.


Are you fighting an uphill battle against misinformation and toxic narratives?

Navigating the complexities of digital information can be overwhelming. You deserve a reliable ally to shield your cause and brand. In today's fast-paced digital world, misinformation can spread rapidly, costing your organization not just in financial terms, but also in lost trust and missed opportunities.



Meet the Experts Behind Your Digital Defense


Zeke Chavez

CEO & Founder

Rafael Ferreira

CTO & Founder

Claire Longo

AI/ML Advisor

Ian Seltzer

Partnership Advisor

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